PVC-free discharge Inks, free of lead and other heavy metals, APEOS, organotin compounds creamy, Short hand for easy Printing, tack free formulation for fast wet-on-wet printing. Bright colours with very good soft hand feel on dark dischargeble fabric.


  • Discharge clear for Bright Shades.

  • Discharge white for Pastel Shades and white discharge.


Mix discharge Base / Discharge White Base with required Pigment concentrate 4 to 6% Discharge Activator (Mix Activator with equal amount of water) mix it properly, pot life of Discharge paste mixed with activator is 6-8 hours. Printed fabric cure at 160°-170° C for 120-150 Seconds.


  • Creative Eco Discharge Base

  • Creative Eco Discharge White Base

  • Creative Soft Touch-SV clear

  • Creative Soft Touch JM-131 Spl Clear

  • Creative Soft Touch JM-161 Spl Clear

  • Creative DC Agent (Activator)


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