“Creative Industries” is the booming Indian Company

Established in the year 1993 with a passion for innovation and making a difference. The path to success has been arduous, but foresightedness and collective team work have enabled us to meet our own objective well in time.

Alterations & Challenges have persisted vital cogs in the wheel of progress. We have grown step-by-step with continuous focus of R&D, never-ending emphasis on plant modernization, assurance of continuing ability to meet customers and ourselves.

Our Goal is to be one of the Best Performing and Customer-Focused Printing Ink Companies in India.

MOTTO : SHARING our rich experience for SUCCESS of Screen Printing industry.

Reason to choose Creative Industries water-based inks

Manufactures FINEST Quality WATER BASE
& Adhesive

Our superior formulas lower production costs, speed up production processes and ultimately reduce overall spending. Our slow-drying inks are fast curing and require low temperatures and quick flash times.
It includes our state-of-the-art R&D labs, which provide a strong foundation for innovation. Our research teams work on the anticipated needs of tomorrow with a focus on sustainability.
We are committed to creating a sustainable world through innovative, eco-friendly and patented technologies in the areas of WATER BASE TEXTILE SCREEN PRINTING INKS & ADHESIVE areas.
As a part of our INNOVATION INITIATIVE we turn concepts to smart, simple & profitable business opportunities and strive continuously to be above and beyond the best.

Our PORTFOLIO includes products that are eco-friendly and keep our vision of sustainability alive:

  • Globally patented nanotechnology-based additives for climate resilient, moisture resistant, long lasting highways and rural roads

  • Water-based specialty polymers for textiles that are environmentally safe

  • We are dedicated for providing quality products and services that consistently meet or exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations.

  • We aim at achieving the highest standards of quality through continual improvement and by ensuring compliance with the statutory, legal and regulatory requirements.


Enhance and Convey Value continuously by
  • Manufacturing and Supplying Printing Inks that satisfy the requirements of the customers.

  • Developing Ethical Business Growth in a Sustainable and Economically Viable manner.

  • Constantly optimizing the Operational Procedure to maximize Output.

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  • To set Company position as market leaders, revolutionizing the textile industry with formaldehyde-free water-based inks, ultra-high opacity brilliant white pastes and superb wet-on-wet printing systems.

  • WE BELIEVE at achieving the highest standards of quality through constant improvement and by ensuring compliance with the statutory, legal and regulatory requirements.

  • To make our product portfolio encompasses innovative solutions with presence across the globe.