Used as a printing base for applying Flock fiber. Mesh count for flock base are 86 to 110 mc.in (34 to 43 mc cm). Print Flock base 2 times (2 strokes - flash 2 strokes I.e. 2+2), apply flock fiber. Cure at 160° to 170° C for 120 to 180 seconds & add 2% fixer for better wash fastness.


Used as a printing base for applying metallic glitter flakes. Mix upto 15-20% glitter powder. Mesh Count for glitter are 30 to 80 mc.In ( 12 to 32 mc.cm) depends on the size of glitter flake mixed into the glitter base. Cure temp 165° to 170° C for 1.5 to 2 minute.


It is a ready to use pearl paste which can be printed direct on white or dyed fabric to get natural pearl shine. To get good shining print 2 times (2 stroke, dry, 2 stroke (2+2) By adding 0.1 to 1.0% of pig conc to get any color of pearl shine. Cure at 165° to 170° C for 120 to 150 seconds. Mesh count for pearl 80 to 110 mc.in (34 to 43 mc.cm)


Used as a printing base for applying foil to required area of print. Print foil adhesive 2 times (2+2) in area of the design of which foil will need to adhere. Cure as normal curing. Transfer the foil at 175° to 180° C at medium pressure for 5 to 10 sec. Mesh count for adhesive base are 86 to 110 mc.In (34 to 43 mc.cm)

  • H2 Foil Adhesive

  • H2 Foil Transfer Adhesive - Soft Hand feel

  • H2 Foil Transfer Adhesive - Sti hand feel


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