PVC FREE WB soft Opaque Inks


  • A High solids, PVC, Phthalate & formaldehyde free aqueous ink system optimised for printing on automatic machines.

  • High productivity, High speed ink system with excellent open time that allow for multi colour printing without the need to flash every colour.

  • Exceptional Soft hand-feel, elastic, smooth, high opacity, matte nish & Tack free film surface.

  • Suitable for all types of fabrics, including 100% polyester ( Print Creative barrier grey as a first down to block dye migration)


  • Mix up to 80 parts of Clear and up to 20 parts of White to make an opaque base for pigmenting.

  • Most waterbased inks are affected by low humidity, if the ink dries too quickly add H2 Retarder upto 2 - 5%.

  • Maintaining pallet temperatures of approximately (55-60° C) will maximise productivity when printing multi-coloured designs.

  • Cure print at 160° to 170° C for 120 - 150 seconds.


  • H2 7070 Unique White

  • H2 0070 Unique Clear

  • H2 7050 Velvet White

  • H2 0040 Ultra Soft Clear


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